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Combine code and art to create your unique style

What is Literal Codeart?

Literal Codeart merges art, science and computer code into a completely unique piece of art. You add your own personal touch and in cooperation with the computer code create a piece like no other.


The poster is completely unique and no other Codeart is the same as yours.


You provide the initial input to the Codeart and therefore give it your personal touch.

001: Random Walk

The random walk is our current collection. It is a clean and a simple lineart that gets disturbed by the random wandering of thousands of lines. The title of the collection comes from the creation of a path that consists of a succession of random steps.

You provide the initial input to this random wandering by picking a word or a sentence that has a special meaning for you. Your input is then encrypted and made completely unique. The computer code uses your encrypted secret to create a completely unique image.

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